Go-karting has always been known as an exhilarating sport, and it is one that all of us can enjoy. While some of us know what it is like to be behind the wheel of a vehicle, we should never drive as fast as we want. We should also do everything we can to follow all of the rules for our own safety. Go-karting is actually one of the best excuses to unleashing our inner speed god. When you race for the first time, you may feel that it is a little daunting, especially when you are racing people who know how to do it way better than you. Well, to give you some edge, the first time you race, I have prepared a guide as to how you can drive a go-kart. Read up properly on these tips before you go on your first actual race and then you can surprise your friends, the ones that think that you are an amateur.

  • Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes. It is obvious, but some people try and impress other people by wearing stylish clothes. You do not have to do that for go-karting. You should not wear clothes that are too tight or even too loose. It would be best if you remember that you would be sitting down for an extended period of time when you are racing. Make sure you ditch those super tight denims and wear a t-shirt and some decently fitting pants. Shorts are also recommended.
  • Make sure that you pick the right go-kart. Picking a good go-kart will actually end up having a massive effect on you race and also all of your performances. It will also affect your lap time. Each kart is designed for many different skill levels, and if you are still learning how to drive a go-kart for the first time, I definitely recommend that you go ahead and you make use of a rookie kart. When you drive in slower karts, it will make it easier for you to hone your skills for turns and it will give you easier manoeuvring as well.
  • Make sure that you sit at the right position. If you sit down in the wrong position, it may hurt you because your body may be moving even if you have a seat belt on.
  • Make sure that you do a few practice laps before you go for the race. It would help if you also familiarized yourself with the sensitivity of the pedals. The brakes are only on the rear wheels, and you should know how hard you should brake.
  • Try and avoid drifting. Yes, it is cool, but avoid it.